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Labor force is the name given to the human labor involved in the production of any material in a country and making it possible. In addition, this term, which we call the labor force, can even be called the most influential factor that makes a great contribution to the development of a country, especially in the economic field. To give an example, if a country is going to establish a factory on the territory of another country, it always looks at the labor power of that country. If they come across a cheap labor force, it makes more sense to establish a factory there. That also affects the host country economically beneficial.

However, in order to make a country more wealthy, there are so many factors to change first. Countries like China, the United States of America are the masters in technology. Also, especially China is one of the countries which are preferred mostly in terms of establishing a factory because of its labor force price and level around the globe. However, since the United States of America is an expert in the field of technology, there is not a good option to establish a factory because of its expensive labor force. That’s why mostly the Asian countries such as China are even preferred by the foreign companies in terms of the establishment. Also, as the population increases; the labor force is affected well.

For some people, it is taught that income distribution should be set according to the labor force by the help of the government. First of all, the income distribution depends on many kinds of factors which are political, social, technological etc. However, every single development or crisis among these factors directly affect the economic level of the country which also has a huge impact on salary distribution as well. Even if the salary distribution stays the same, since the pricing policies will have been changed; the purchasing power will also be affected.

So that, if a country demands to enrich itself; the labor force should be upgraded and it is only possible with developments in technology. Especially, countries that face unemployment are luckier because the new jobs will be available. As the labor population increases, as technology develops; in the conclusion of these factors so does the economy. After these processes, the income distribution can easily be set well. So that, the welfare also gets affected beneficially.

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