Enslaved Freedom

In its broadest definition, belief is a psychological state in which a person intuitively accepts a certain claim or assumption as “true” or “false”. For an individual with a belief-centered brain, empirical or scientific proof is of no importance. In fact, it can also be defined as a very strong, sincere, heartfelt attachment to an idea, believing it to be true with confidence.

In some religions, there are some physical and emotional worship and requirements that come in line with belief. For example, one of the things that women should do in appearance in the religion of Islam is to wear a turban called “niqab”. However, this clothing, which these women use voluntarily as per their beliefs, causes them to be unemployed. They can’t even apply to jobs that society calls “simple” because society judges and despises them because of their beliefs, in a way it locks them in their homes and enslaves them.
In addition, these women face some difficulties not only in business life but also in social life. The most common of these, stylish or casual, many restaurants do not allow them in. , thus removing them from social life. Even in areas open to normal society, they are exposed to the irritating glances of ignorant, unconscious, and judgmental people, which causes them to feel bad and their self-confidence and psychology to be adversely affected.

In addition, there are some problems in education life that keep women at home. In line with a decree issued by the administration in Turkey in the 2000s, students wearing headscarves were banned from studying at universities. One of the most upsetting events is that young women came to their university to study, wearing a wig over their turban. But what is sad is how close the history of this infamous event is to the present day. Educational restriction, unemployment, psychological disorders due to social inclusion, and hundreds of similar problems around the world are just a few of the harms done to women by unconscious, ignorant, and judgmental devotion. Based on this and similar problems, I think that religion restricts and enslaves.

These and other problems are getting worse. We must find a solution to one of the worldwide problems, the “restriction imposed by religion” before it reaches an unstoppable point. In my opinion, the general solution to this and similar problems go through a single point, and that is to correct the absolutely ignorant, unconscious, and judgmental society.

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