Enslaved Minds

The subject of beliefs is one of the rare subjects that has been sustained from the past to the present. Since the earliest ages of humanity, people have been feeling the need to believe that there is a god who created the universe and maybe more. The question that has always come to minds was “Do religions and beliefs liberate people with “reasonable” explanations they give, or enslave people with the boundaries they put into their mind?”.  If liberating does not mean captive minds, the answer is obvious. 

Beliefs are a way of escape, not a way of liberty as it thought to be. The people who cannot put a proper meaning for life in their minds, choose to escape from reality and find the solution in  putting themselves within the strict boundaries of beliefs and religions. Many elements that are unfair and do not comply with the logic of operation constitute the building blocks of many beliefs. Even in the holy books and believers of beliefs who oppose many problems such as arrogance, hatred, and inequality, the problems that appear in the first place are in this direction. 

Religions and beliefs are tools by which people can find answers to the questions in their minds, just as they are quite clear ways to enslave people by those answers. Those answers may be fair enough for the ones who do not force themselves to try to find a more logical explanation. However, some people are not satisfied with these answers. Because, nothing is as simple as religions explain it to be. Therefore, it would be a great insult to this great complexity we live in to limit what is going on in this universe only according to what a religion explains. 

According to many belief systems, there is a god, and god commands people to do and not to do. When this is so obvious, it would be a great mistake to deny that beliefs and religions enslave people. Each mind thinks, understands, and interprets differently. From this point of view, religions and beliefs cannot go beyond classifying people under similar thoughts and ordering them to obey certain rules within these classes. 

Beliefs are just what they are. There is nothing else than trying to put a meaning to life and live accordingly. With all these being the case, how can we see beliefs as a way of freedom and not a way of enslaving?


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