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Enslaved Minds

Humanity is stuck in a chamber of hatred. It is a shame that how we could not get anywhere after years of violence and how we still think it is our strongest weapon despite the consequences. The word “freedom” has a different meaning for everyone. For one who grew up being oppressed, it might be the basic rights that are given to everyone and for one it might be having no rules or restrictions at all. It is an inevitable fact that us, the human kind desperately uses violence as some kind of a weapon to show our superiority. Dostoevsky defines freedom as “an opportunity to control yourself”. Having a lot of power drives people insane. After a while, they either start to view themselves as superiors or give up. Being self-aware enough to keep the balance is something only great minds can achieve. That is why we will never be completely free.

Everyone is a slave to something. We need something, someone that makes us push forward. This could be love, money, success or anything else. Knowing there is an award we will be receiving for our actions is what motivates us for keep going. Whether one is aware of it or not, our weak but just as much complex minds unintentionally make us connect to different type of things.

Slavery is something that has been existing for centuries. It is again an outcome of our superiority and god complex and another proof of how we are craving for power and strength. One who is oppressed, enslaved; one whose thoughts has been ignored may seem like a quiet mind. Us judging everything only by the way it looks make us believe in this. The one who is not standing up, who is not aggressively defending something seems like someone who is easy to defeat. However in reality, those people have the most chaotic minds and no one can completely comprehend the thoughts they are having. The frustration of being humiliated is making them think a lot, more than we can even imagine. Their mind is like another dimension that is craving for freedom. So one can be physically enslaved but we are the only ones that has control over our own minds. Another way to say this is that their minds will never be at ease, so it is wrong to describe being enslaved and not standing up as a peaceful way or an easy choice.

We are all free. From the moment we born, until the moment we will die. As we read in the history books, people risked it all for even a glimpse of real freedom throughout the history. They died for the sole purpose of saving their native land from being enslaved. Fighting for this, making sacrifices is hard but having the word “freedom” in your dictionary is just worth it. Being able to live as a decent human being unfortunately has become a privilege in the cruel, ignorant world we live in, knowing what it means to be completely free is a good reason to fight. The strong feed upon weak, it is an obligingly simple rule. You cannot make any differences if you are not ready to sacrifice anything. Even though I believe my rights for freedom should not be something I have to fight for to get, it is an aim that is worth being devoted to.



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