It was a rainy, cold day. People were trying to go home as soon as possible. On the other hand, I was trying to make a living in a cafe, using tobacco that I grew myself. There were so many kinds of tobacco and weed that the employees in the cafe in front of me thought I was selling my goods illegally and even called the police. Although I could not fully explain my problem at first, I managed to express myself to the police, but I still could not avoid being fined for carrying an excessive amount of tobacco and weed. If I looked at myself from the outside, I would also think that I am a smuggler. That’s why I left that cafe without worrying too much about this incident.

There were 3 things I enjoyed in this life. The first was eating, the second was reading, the third was smoking tobacco or weed. I was an introvert. It was invaluable for me to visit second-hand booksellers and read books that are not always on the market. One day, while I was visiting the second-hand booksellers and libraries, Mike came across me.

It had been nearly 10 years since I last spoke to Mike. I met Mike where I first worked as a factory worker. In those days, we didn’t have as much money as we do now-it can’t be said that it is now-, after leaving the factory, we would walk along the beach with a group, where we had dinner and gathered. These walks were telling us about freedom so well that I wouldn’t be lying if I said that they made us forget everything for a moment in life.

After walking for a while, we would gather wherever we went and talk about science and philosophy. Sometimes these conversations would last until the morning, but no matter how long, it would not affect us in any way. We were people hungry for knowledge. After a few months passed like this, we decided to embark on an initiative as a team. In this venture, there were me Mike, and 5 other people from our group. We were literally starving because we hadn’t worked at the factory for a few months, but in the end, our venture had suddenly made us a lot of money.


After a certain time, the money was divided between us and everyone went their own way. I bought a farm and grew tobacco and weed, while Mike had another successful venture since then, so that’s what I knew. After talking for a while, I learned the real reason. It was because his own venture had failed and he wanted to start a new venture with me. Although I was not very convinced at first, everything developed very quickly as if I was living a movie scene from life, I was at the airport when I came to my senses. Mike had convinced me

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