Entry 377

  Today marks the 377. day of my service to The Embassy. For so long now, I’ve been floating near this planet its indigenous people call ‘’The Earth’’. Such a nice name considering mine never had a proper name as it was colonized by The Embassy itself. Now that I had enough time to study humans and their small carefree world not yet faced by the threats of the outside realm, I realize how a name would make an impact. An impact that could make us patriots, that could free me from working for the same exact privileged party that took my life away. But I get paid to report every detail about my expedition to The Embassy and a true worker must play regarding the rules, right?


  These humans, I thought they were the ugliest creatures I had seen when I first came across them. All covered by skin, some fur in the most bizarre places, genetic differences that don’t benefit the user within the species… Nothing seemed to be arranged regarding benefit in their design and they were cursed to be flawed for the rest of their pitiful existence. But I got to study them closely, little by little I was getting almost too familiar with them. The way they thought they were going through tough stuff, the way they tried to make themselves ‘’happy’’ in various ways. Something stuck with me, I can’t put my tentacles on it exactly but I fell in love with their behaviors. Not exactly with them but how they value themselves and their feelings. I was never taught to do that. I can see that now.

  They greet each other by holding hands, when they’re saying goodbye they wrap their arms around each other. They’re neither aquatic creatures nor  amphibians but they simply enjoy being in a body of water together. When they’re met with an inconvenience, small dewdrops form on their eyes, they listen to strange arrangements of sounds just for pleas

ure.  Sometimes they take other small mammals to their home which they decorate with shiny stuff they collected or traded for green paper. They shiver when they’re cold and when they look up the sky at a cloudless night, they dream of extraterrestrial adventures, just like I did. They look right through me, but that’s okay. That’s for the best for all of us.


  Humans might not know me, or how I’m sacrificing my job and maybe even my life so that theirs can stay untouched. They don’t know it yet, but so much is happening outside Earth. Horrendous stuff. The Embassy shouldn’t discover this planet. I won’t let them get in way of humans and their made-up life which is the purest I’ve seen in a while. Even if it costs me my life, I owe humans a chance to live their life to the fullest simply for making me feel hopeful for my own kind.

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