Environment and Preferences

In the world we live in, there are more and more areas that are sufficient for us people every day, and people are discovering new residential areas.

Although the environment in which we live is growing and developing every day, most people are now in favor of isolating themselves or shrinking their own living spaces. There are both positive and negative aspects to this. so why have people started to shrink their space now. Let’s talk about the reasons. Firstly, people have had a very difficult time in the last few years, for example, two years ago the covid virus came out, some people lost their loved ones, this event has deeply affected many people and people are very tired. During this covid process, some of them took a place outside the city to escape from the city, some of them went to their village, and some of them preferred to stay in the city. In the process, people have actually started to feel comfortable in spacious places that are very small from big glamorous places, so people have recently been having difficulty moving out of the house and are feeling comfortable at home. In fact, it has become good for other living things for people to reduce their living space because as people have retreated to their homes, that is, as they have moved away from the environment, animals and plants have started to find a larger space for themselves. It seems to me that the withdrawal of people can play a role in restoring the world to its former state for a while.

As for the negative aspects, some of the people have become like to isolate themselves and so there are those who leave everything behind. When I say everything, it’s work, it’s family… I’m talking about things like that. A few days later, a phone call comes in that something has happened to one of his family and it is too late for that person. For me, such things have their negative sides, maybe they have a negative aspect from an environmental point of view, but (this does not apply to every person I say) they can have positive aspects for some people. For example, some people were very comfortable during quarantine, most people started doing their jobs from home, but some people don’t like to stay at home, jun don’t like to restrict their space, the negative aspects of quarantine time for these tazr people are too much.

I’m saying that everyone has the right to choose, some have chosen to use it to restrict their living space and isolate themselves from this crowded world, and some have chosen to stay in secluded places with a large crowd and lead a brisk life. Of course, they have their own beauty on both sides.

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