Equality and Justice

Equality means that two things are equivalent in every way. Justice is defined as granting rights to every rightsholder and punishing wrongdoing.

Inequality, everyone is assumed to be the same, with the same abilities and the same livelihood. But justice is not so. Evaluates beliefs individually.

Let us consider a child and an adult man according to justice, according to justice, the burden transported to the child will be less than the man, so there will be something that will force them both the most but will not carry their strength.

According to the equation, both of them will be given a burden, maybe they will not be able to carry children or it will be light for the man.

In this case, justice should be used instead of equality from the point of view of women, men or children, adults and young.

There are some values ​​in society that make it easier for people to live together. These values ​​make people’s lives easier. Equality and justice are some of these values. There is a relationship between equality and justice. Justice involves equality. Justice ensures equality. Equality is found where justice exists.

To be equal is that people have the same opportunities and opportunities in a certain situation. Justice is that people get what they deserve. Equality and justice are therefore not the same things. Justice is the position that one deserves, and equality is the position in which one stands.

People are equal before the law. Laws are for justice. Equality is effective in treating and distributing the right to justice.

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