Eradicating Child Labour

Maybe you haven’t met or known a child who works for money around you. But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. There are 160 million children in the world who are working in a job where they are paid a very small amount of money and probably it is a very tiring job for that salary.

There could be so many reasons why they are working: illness of a caregiver, poverty or not having someone that looks after them. It’s unacceptable for a child to work whatever the reason is. Child labour is a really serious issue because it can negatively affect a child’s mental, social, physical and psychological development. Most of them don’t even get a proper education or have an environment where they can just be a child. This is child abuse and a violation of children’s rights and freedoms.

We have to find a solution to eradicate this issue. First of all, we can start with spreading awareness to society. For that, there should be free education about child labour. In that case, more people can come up with an idea to reduce child workers. Not only people but the government should also do something about it. They should create work opportunities for people so their children don’t have to spend their childhood trying to earn money instead of their parents.

For the workplaces that employ child labour, there should be deterrent sanctions to stop them from employing. If they stop, we can solve this problem from the root. Child labour is better for unethical employers. Just think like that: they give the same work, which a grown human does as a job, to a child and not pay the same amount of money but also less. So they hire children instead of adults and they do this very easily. If we want to solve this case, there should be a very serious penalty for employing children.

The development of a country depends on children. We must protect them and not employ them because a child who cannot develop means a country that cannot develop. In conclusion, I believe that deterrent sanctions should be applied to the workplaces employing child labour.

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