Black and white conceptual image.Man is running out of the tunnel into the light. Motion blur. He is determined to get out of darkness into the light. There is hope and determination.

Escape From Reality

The human was created to love themselves. They think, how they look or what they did is more special if they compare themselves with the rest of the world. They say to their reflection on the mirror that they are the best, they are the prettiest and they are fan of themselves. In fact, they are utterly loser but, they do not want to face with reality. They lie about their potential to themselves and it makes them demons who kill themselves slowly. To be honest, i do not believe in love. Because every person in that huge world busy with loving themselves. Since love is ver limited on the earth, there is no left to others.

Since we are baby, we got used to hear from our mom or dad, we are the most beautiful girl or the most handsome boy they have ever seen and when we become  adult we believe the lie with all heart. So, we run away from reality without looking at back. Maybe it was the first time that we lie to ourselves. So it goes.. lie, lie and lie…

As human beings, we are so coward to face with reality. We are afraid to discern that we are not good enough as we thought or our mother said. We are nothing in this big world. We are bigger than only one idea that we have but, really smaller than a coma in this endless universe. Besides, we think that in this movie called “life” we are the main role since we only know our perspective. Nevertheless, let me be honest, we are not even understudied in this film. The majority of people do not know even our name or our behaviors. If they do probably they do not like us though. Hence, we are not important as we think. Best way to catch the reality, we have to stop lying at the mirror and as brave person with all the encouragement face with reality. I know, reality is black. However, I would prefer to look at reality’s black rather than be blind because of lie’s white. Believe me, it is so much better. Because you would never ever know when this white is going to leave you. Nevertheless, black is loyal. Always it stays with us in bad days, good days and everyday. Because black is real.

Now, this time to get rid of all masks that we wear every day before we go out. I want to you criticize yourself with all honesty that you have. At the end of the day, maybe you will be crying. But, in long term you will be a winner.


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