Eternal Legend

My country is Turkey. Turkey’s legend name is a Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He is a war legend. Turkish people know him with his wars and achievements. The people also know him as a master, that is, a father, a commander-in-chief, and a president. Even if a lot of words are said to him even in this time, there are such slurs for every successful legend because they say it out of jealousy because they couldn’t be like him but it’s their own jealousy to tell them that, they don’t do it just because they said so, on the contrary, their names begin to be called more and this leads to making you a legend.For example, let’s talk about some of my father’s achievements

1. Political Revolutions:
Abolition of the Sultanate (1 November 1922)
Proclamation of the Republic (29 October 1923)
Abolition of the Caliphate (3 March 1924)

2. Social Revolutions:
Giving women equal rights with men (1926-1934)
Hat and dress revolution (25 November 1925)
Closure of dervish lodges and tombs (30 November 1925)
Surname law (21 June 1934)
Abolition of nicknames and titles (26 November 1934)
Adoption of international clocks, calendars and measures of length (1925-1931)

3. Legal Revolution:
Abolition of the Mecelle (1924-1937)
Transition to the secular legal order by enacting the Turkish Civil Code and other laws (1924-1937)

4. Revolutions in Education and Culture:
Unification of teaching (March 3, 1924)
Adoption of new Turkish letters (1 November 1928)
Establishment of Turkish Language and History Institutions (1931-1932)
Organization of university education (31 May 1933)
Innovations in fine arts

5. Revolutions in Economics:
Abolition of tithe
Encourage the farmer
Establishment of sample farms
Establishment of industrial establishments by enacting the Industry Encouragement Law
I. and II. Implementation of the Development Plans (1933-1937), equipping the country with new road

I have taken this from here, those who want can look at more, there is also the life of our legend. Our legend has prepared and presented so many laws and laws for our country. And all of them were made in the name of our people.This is the legend of my country if you want to look more you can check it out from the link I posted.


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