Ethical Values and the World

The term we call ethical values are the principles that should be adopted in order for people to live together in peace.  But are these values the same for everyone, or do moral boundaries differ wherever you go in the world? This dilemma pushes people to question what the effect would be on the world if ethical values were universal. It is almost impossible to give a clear and correct answer to this question, but possible comments can be made and evaluated through examples.

Before examining whether a certain thing would make the world more livable, it is useful to consider what would have changed if the world had been more livable. Especially considering current issues, if an ethical value were the same for all humanity, the problem of “war”, in which many people still suffer because of this problem, could be eliminated.

If the people who rule countries and have the power to influence millions of people with their decisions acted if we considered everyone who will be affected by their decision when making a good or bad decision, and accepting that ethical values exist for everyone, many problems that we do not want to face now would not be a matter of fact.

In fact, if we consider not only the diplomatic issues between countries, but also even the slightest general moral human behavior, we can know that if ethical values were more universal, many things would be better. It is very difficult to interact with people on one side of the world who do not consider lying to be ethical behavior, and people on the other side of the world who find it normal to lie, and any attempt at communication can even end in a conflict.

When the smallest examples such as lying and the most extreme examples such as war problems are evaluated, it is clear that ethical values can act as a bridge between people and a more livable world, regardless of how big the behavior is and who it will affect.

In conclusion , when faced with all these facts, it is understood how important ethical values are and that not ignoring their universalization can make a world-wide difference. It will be inevitable for the world to become a more livable place with the universality of ethical values without skipping any value from the most insignificant to the biggest, and with all people in the world comprehending, assimilating and accepting these values one by one.

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