Ethical Values

If ethical values ​​were universally respected and everyone took care of their universal values, the world we live in could be in a much better state. What is meant by ethical value is that things such as impartiality and merit should not be ignored.

In my opinion, ethical values ​​are everywhere but ignored by people, to give a simple example, injustice done to some people in hiring, especially people working in the state and in high positions, do more than these favors to their acquaintances. Sometimes, people who do not meet any of the requirements for that job, earn money just by sitting down because they are in charge of these jobs, and continue as if they have not taken anyone’s rights away without any remorse in their lives. Sometimes, like this problem, there can be such problems in our justice system, thanks to the large amount of money given to the judges and lawyers, they can win the case they are wrong. If every person completely respected his ethical values ​​and there were no such injustices, the world would be much better than where he is now. Good people can come together and overcome this problem, and people who adhere to their ethical values ​​in higher positions can prevent injustices with a tighter management. I don’t know how useful this is, but we can’t learn without trying, right, so we have to try.

As a result, if people were more loyal to their ethical values ​​and did not allow injustice, the world could be in a very different place right now.

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