Ethics by Pollyanna

Moral philosophy is a kind of philosophy created and known for being a righteous person, it is also called ethics. Basically, it explores and defends the good, the bad, and at what points this good and bad prevent people from becoming the righteous person.

I would like to share my own thoughts, completely independent from the philosophers of moral philosophy: I think that what defines a person as bad or good are not the things that, that person does. His or her thoughts, intention and purpose in doing what he or she does, is what makes a person good or bad. For example, in some cases, even the fact that a person has committed theft is not enough to characterize that person as bad. Yes, it can definitely be said that what he did was wrong, but look at it from the perspective that I’m looking at right now; a young child at the age of nine or ten is about to lose his father from an infection, he does not have money to go to the doctor, he does not have money to buy medicine, but the only thing a child can do to avoid losing his father is to get to that money somehow, and at this point, the child can only get to the money by stealing. Does it really make this child a bad person when the child finally does it?

Such questions always bother my brain, but I go down to the very beginning of this question to question this situation on my own. In the words of Hobbes; are people bad by their nature? Or, as Rousseau put it, are people good by nature?

In order to simplify this question for myself, I put it in the following way, are people born bad or good? I think I have made my own thoughts sufficiently clear based on the hypothesis I shared a paragraph ago. People are born as good. But this kind of goodness that I’m talking about is not developed for the character. The goodness that the obscurity provided for you the moment you came into this world, before you even met the difficulties of life.

As a result, I agree with Rousseau’s thoughts. People are good by their nature. After all, even a small child does not break his parents’ hearts thinking that he will break their hearts. This is something that is completely caused by the fact that a person is selfish by nature, but not every selfish person is bad. The child also gets upset at the point when he sees his parents upset.

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