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Even Loneliness Is Not Alone

“We are  born alone and die alone. The loneliness  is definitely part of journey.” said Paul TILLICH. In more general terms, it is a feeling of distance from everyone and everything that exsist in a whole universe. Getting tired of every second of your life and even suffering from burdens that people put on your back.

Loneliness has many different causes and it can affect people of all ages. For instance, contributing factors to loneliness include physical isolation, moving to a new location and divorce. The death of someone significant in a person`s life can also lead to feelings to loneliness.

I want to focus on how divorce can change the emotional state and behavior. Loneliness after break up can be common and expected. You were sharing a life with a partner, maybe raising kids and making plans for a future together. When a relationship ends there are a number of factors that can contribute to loneliness. Sadness and anger, separation from family and friends, and child custody.

How to deal with loneliness after the end of relationship. You have suddenly lost someone important on your life, you can feel emotionally down so accepting your feelings of post-relationship loneliness is essential part of the process in moving forward. Also you can consider theese tips: join a support group for divorce people, take up a new hobby, be good to yourself and get involved in different activities.

People who feel less lonely are more likely to be married, have higer incomes, and have higher educational status. However, high level of lonileness are associated with physical health dificulties, small social networks, living alone. It is very difficult to find cure from loneliness once we caught up in it. Loneliness changes at how people experiencing it. This happens sometimes with sadness and sometimes with peace.

Over the couple of week, I have been a kind of emotional. I have had a lot of feelings that I wanted to get out of. During my exam week, I needed support in understanding my emotional state from people close to me. When I did not get right response that I wanted to hear, it caused me to feel lonely.  This feeling of misunderstanding makes me feel depress and I can not escape from this mood.

If you find yourself lonely like a garden with an only one tree, and it seems like nothing is helping, do not give up hope – it is likely that you have not yet found the strategy that works for you. Here are some practicals tips that you can try:

  • Reach out and talk to someone you trust about loneliness;
  • Arrange plans;
  • Enyoj the benefits of being alone…

“What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely beoing alone can be.” Ellen BURSTYN

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