Although May is the last month of the first spring, we enjoy more. It begins with May 1, Workers’ Day. The second Sunday of every May is Mother’s Day. We crown our enthusiasm with the 19 May Youth and Sports Day.

Various events were organized for these special days. May 1, Workers and Laborers’ Day, is the day of unity, solidarity and struggle against injustice, celebrated by workers and laborers around the world. In many countries around the world, it is considered a public holiday. It was officially celebrated in Turkey for the first time in 1923. In April 2008, it was accepted to be celebrated as “Labor and Solidarity Day”. All day long activities will be organized especially for all workers in our city. There will be a folk dance show, entertaining competitions, workshops on the subject, and a painting exhibition. In the evening, a concert will be held for our workers.

There will also be events for Mother’s Day, the second Sunday of May. For this, breakfast will be made with our mothers. After breakfast, the show prepared by the children for their mothers will be watched and then gifts prepared by the children will be given. In the evening, a dinner will be organized with beautiful music for the mothers to relax and have fun.


For the 19 May Youth and Sports Day, there will be a theater and music show prepared by the youth.

You are invited to our events and you will make us happy with your participation.

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