Everything is in the hands of the laws

In order to reduce crime rates in the country, we need to pass new laws that are aimed at reducing crime rates. The laws should be passed by the parliament and implemented by the police and other law enforcement agencies. These laws should cover a wide range of criminal activities in different parts of the country so that they can be enforced properly.


The new laws will have strict punishments for breaking them so it is very important that they are followed all the time. For example, if someone is caught smoking marijuana in public then he/she could face a fine of $100 or more. There is also a possibility of getting arrested for doing this which means that you would have to pay bail until trial date arrives where hopefully you will be found not guilty due to lack of evidence against you!


People committing crime are aware of the fact that they would be punished, but still they do it.


A lot of people are saying that we should keep the number of prisoners at the current level and just put more money into prisons so that they can be kept safe.

Of course, this approach is completely wrong. The government might want to spend as much as they need to, but what they need is not inmates, it’s taxpayers. And the way to get them is through crime. What we do with criminals, including sentencing and dealing with those who come out in a good condition and accept rehabilitation measures, will have a huge impact on how many criminals there are in our country.


The only way we can get fewer criminals (at least if you don’t want to increase the prison population) is through prevention. Crime prevention measures should be taken place before someone becomes a criminal and decide for himself/herself whether he/she wants to commit offenses or not, because once you do it then no matter what happens you have already done something wrong — so if an offender commits crimes then this has nothing to do with him/her being mentally ill or being poor or having been unable to find work etc., it has everything to do with him/her making an irrevocable decision that made him/her lose control of his/her actions and doing something wrong.


Most of the criminals are usually thugs and when they are kept under strict conditions they refrain from doing crime again.


When you consider that most of the criminals are usually thugs who prefer to go to prison rather than live in harsh and challenging conditions, prisons are really an important tool for keeping the crime rate low. It is a well known fact that criminals often refrain from committing a crime again when kept under strict conditions, such as those in prisons. Common crimes like theft, robbery and vandalism are usually committed by these types of people. In addition, more criminals are being caught and punished thanks to advances in police technology and surveillance systems. This also helps keep the crime rate down as there will be fewer potential criminals on the streets at any given time.


Most criminals were not arrested till now because police forces were weak and there was no proper equipment to catch them.

In order to make the use of technology successful and effective, there must be an increase in the quantity of crime solving agencies such as CID. Most criminals were not arrested till now because police forces were weak and there was no proper equipment to catch them. But things have changed now. There is a variety of latest technology available which can easily track down any criminal hiding somewhere in the world. Crime rate can also be decreased by increasing the age of imprisonment for serious crimes such as murder, robbery etc. Criminals tend to refrain from doing crimes when they are imprisoned for longer periods. Also, children should be taught about their rights and duties at home so that they could learn what is good for them or society and what is not.


When country is unable to put up new prisons, it is better to increase the age of imprisonment for serious crimes.


How about increasing the age of imprisonment for serious crimes?


When country is unable to put up new prisons, it is better to increase the age of imprisonment for serious crimes.


For example- A person has been sent to prison term for five years, then after completing his jail term, he commits another crime and goes to jail again. After two more criminal offenses, he is punished with a permanent ban from country.


The government should come up with a concrete plan for this problem.


Stricter laws, higher punishment and longer jail time can help solve the crime problem. More prisons should be built to imprison them, more police should enforce the law while they are on the streets, and tougher punishments should be given to prevent them from repeating their crime.

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