Everything Is Possible

About 5 years ago, I wrote a letter to my present self. I was in my sophomore year of high school at the time. A week ago, I found this letter I wrote to myself. Although I couldn’t remember the letter at first, I remembered it immediately when I opened it. I was giving myself advice in the letter. I was reading these recommendations in my third year of college. And when I was that age, I realized that I had everything I wanted to have.  Real friends, a university where I studied at the department I wanted… And a lot of things like that happened. I realized that I was manifesting them without realizing it. Even the dreams that I said would never happen with this manifest were present in the life I live now. Although I was surprised, I was also delighted. Of course, people strive for everything in life to be as they wish. I am very happy with the life I am living now, as someone who has made such an effort. When I compared my current life with what was written in the letter, I realized that anything is possible. Then I said to myself, “Why don’t I write a letter to myself again? I can read it 5 years from now. ” And then I wrote myself a letter again to read 5 years later. I wrote down everything that came to my mind. I even wrote down everything that would be hard to come true. Just like what I wrote in my previous letter. Because I believed they would come true one day. I have always believed and always will. Because now I have gained this consciousness: if I believe, anything can be real, even the most impossible things.believe - StartupTrakya.com

Now I am looking for a suitable place to store my letter again. I don’t want it to stand in front of my eyes. If I see it all the time, the letter has no meaning. The main reason why I am writing this article is to tell you: Never lose your hope, even if all the lights go out, know how to light the match in your hand. Always follow the light. The light will show the right way. Be mindful of your thoughts because it can happen at any time. Always believe in the power within. Because power is what you believe in. There are no dreams, only thoughts that become reality. Something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become imminent and possible.

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