Evil or Forced To be Evil

Since the beginning of human kind humans are always at war. But why? Because of conflict or power who knows.But there is one thing we know for sure. That is we have to survive. Maybe in the peaceful way or by the evil way. So do we born with bad feelings and attitude for the world. Of course not.Something must happen to makes us feel bad. We don’t feel negative out of nowhere. Something bad. There are times and places when people were very happy,helpful and grateful to others. What happened then. What changed our nature. We see in our history that those times I mentioned were all belonged to peaceful periods in time. There were no wars,no diseases,no conlict,no inequality. As we can humans are not that evil at all. That means we are reflections of the things that happens to us. Just think about a employee in a company.He goes to work everyday,greeted by a angry boss,gets harressed and becomes depressed. On the other hand there is a employee that is having a good time at work. He will be happy as long as he lives in a happy environment. All It takes is a one bad day. Some people have the mental capacity to not become a evil person. But others don’t. Thats why %70 of criminals are mentally unstable. A child who has known only hatred confuses it for love. Unless someone is born with a illness that effects their behavior no one born as evil. Only thing that matters is how much pressure you can handle. There are people who can withstand it and there are the ones who kneel before it. This what life is all about for.Igor Garnier vs. Marky Mark - Happy People - YouTube

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