Evolution of Mankind Depends on Horrible Mistakes

Year 2051,

I was a scientis in a team who were working on a time machine for almost a decade; now, we finally managed to create the machine which we were excited to try for the first time. I proposed to go back to WW2 to prevent death of millions of people by helping an unsuccessful coup attempt against Hitler and bringing an end to the war. Other Scientist agreed my propose.

After the increase in amount of assassination attempts against Hitler, General Friedrich Olbricht developed the Operation Walküre plan. Operation Walküre was an emergency plan according to which in the case of Hitler’s death reserve army would take control of the important cities of Nazi Germany as soon as the code “Führer is dead” is announced. Once they would take control of cities they would establish a provisionally government and Hitler’s successor would be in charge of government.

In 1943, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, General Ludwig Beck, Major General Henning von Tresckow, Friedrich Olbricht and some other high ranked members of German Army planned a coup d’état against Adolf Hitler using Operation Walküre plan and create a new government. The new government would sign a peace treaty with Allies and they would prevent Germany from being crushed by Allies. Before they could stage the coup they had to make some changes in plan but only people who were allowed to make changes on Operation Walküre plan were Adolf Hitler and Chief of Army of Reserve Army Friedrich Fromm.  Stauffenberg asked Friedrich Fromm to join their resistance and make some changes on plan. They offered him high positions in new government but Fromm refused their offer. Even though he refused their offer he didn’t report them. Because of Stauffenberg couldn’t convince Fromm they imitated his signature and made some changes in plan.

After they made the necessary changes, they planned their plot. According to their plan Stauffenberg would place bombs in underground bunker called Wolf’s Lair. Because of the fact that bunker was underground, explosion would kill everyone inside especially the main targets Heinrich Himmler, who was the Reichsführer of SS, and Adolf Hitler. If they succeeded in killing Hitler and Himmler they would announce “Führer is dead!” on the  radio and they would also give some false information to Reserve Army. They would inform Reserve army that SS to be the one who was staging the coup. In that chaos they would take control of Berlin and other important cities. After taking the control they would establish a new government.

Plan took place in 20th July 1944. That day Hitler, Himmler and other generals had a meeting in Wolf’s Lair but because the weather was really hot, they had to change meetings place into a wooden hut. This was already a problem but also Himmler couldn’t attend the meeting. Therefore Ludwig Beck told Stauffenberg to cancel the plan but Stauffenberg didn’t listen to him and placed the bomb under the meeting table. Before detonation of the bomb Stauffenberg left the place and told Ludwig to start the coup. They announced on the radio that Hitler was dead. After the announcement, Reserve Army started to take control of the government buildings and arrest the SS members. Coup was progressing successfully until Joseph Goebbels reached Hitler and announced he was alive. After learning Hitler was alive, Friedrich Fromm arrested Stauffenberg and other resistance members and executed all of them.

If we want the coup attempt to be successful we needed to change this part of history. So, I used our time machine to go back in time to 20th July 1944 9:30. In order to make coup successful, I had to make sure that meeting takes place in the bunker. Since I was from future I had access to information about important people from history. I used this possibility to prepare a fake letter telling “There might be air attack to Wolf’s Lair, please make sure meeting takes place in the bunker.” using Hermann Göring’s signature and sent that letter to Wolf’s Lair. After sending the letter I started waiting from a distance with a radio. After I heard the  announcement on the radio, I went back to future. I was very curious about how the history and world had changed.

I couldn’t believe how the world had changed. When I was planning this I never thought that doing something good in past could have a completely different results on future. Since Nazi Germany signed treaty with allies, it continued to reign over Europe and the crimes against humanity which were committed were never unveiled. Even though I did something to stop fascism and racism in past, in this future racism turned out to be a very common ideology. Because people of this future wasnt aware of the brutal acts of racism and didn’t experience the shameful consequences as much as we did, this future is way worse than our time. And I understood that even though mankind experienced horrible things in history we took lessons from our mistakes and tried not to make the same mistakes again.

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