I am writing this letter to explain the pieces and themes that I find appropriate to be in the exhibition that will open after my death. First off all I want you to separate the exhibition into 3 main parts. These…noticing, acceptance and healing.The main parts of my life, the things that changed and improved me.

Realized: The first part ,it was the most painful part of my life.It was the one that pushed me the hardest and it took me a long time to get to this point. It cost me to biggest mental breakdown, long cries,feeling insecure and lonely.Eventually, I realized that was because of me. I mean I figure out that it was because I allowed everything that happened to me. When you get this awareness your life will change completely. That’s why I want this section to be the darkest room.There will be no light from anywhere.It’ll be completely dark.I just want a little light source to represent a little star on the ceiling of the room. And a chocolate waterfall should flow through the walls of the room, all the unhealthy and delicious food on the middle table should be found.

Acceptance: I had a lot of injuries by the time I got to the first part, and now I had to accept it.Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to move forward.I had to understand that the real power was in me. When I turn back and find that it took so much time to get there I said better than never. It cost an arm and a leg to get that point so I didn’t stop.I accept the all emotions; anger, sadness, happiness, freedom, afraid, joy, disappointment there were the feelings that were keeping me alive. I accepted and normalized all emotions and thoughts. And on the wall of this room, I want all the colors to represent all the feelings in life.Colorful walls and healthy food on the table also taste delicious. I want a pool in the middle of the room, about the size of 10 people who can swim comfortably at the same time.Pool sea and swim were my biggest friends on this road.

Recovery: I’ve come a long way and I’m confident.I know I can do myself.I want this room to have white walls, colorful paints and pencils in the middle of the room.I open a white page as if I have started a new life,I can decorate my life with my paints any color I want.I can draw any picture,shape,icon I want.Because I realized that the author is the main character of this story.And on the way out of the exhibition :”Go get your crayons in your hands before it’s too late.”

Heal your soul before heal the others…

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