existing out of nothing


My parents used to tell me that my study wasn’t enough and that if I went like this, I wouldn’t realize the future I dreamed of, but I was sure that my study was enough and I blushed at them every time, but day after day I realized that my study wasn’t enough, at least it wasn’t too late when I realized it, and from the moment I realized it, I pushed myself harder about the lesson. as I solved the question, I realized that I actually didn’t know anything, I was just repeating the topic, and then I started studying right from the beginning. I had a hard time during this period, but my desire to study increased even more as I saw that the results returned to me in a very good way, I progressed as I did it right, so I took the university exam like this. when I got out of the university exam, I realized that I was happier than everyone else because I had worked hard and my efforts had paid off, I think I was comfortable until the results were announced. hours before the announcement, we were so nervous that we sat down as a family at the computer and waited for the results. when the results came in, we looked at it, I got a score higher than the score I wanted, I got the university I wanted, it was the best moment of my life, I regretted that I was angry with my parents at the time, they didn’t want my evil, but I was angry with them at the time. when I went to the university of my dreams, I was really like in a dream 3 years ago, if I told myself that we had achieved this, he would never have believed it. my college years were a little more challenging, you know, the differentiation of courses and so on, but I saved up a lot of good memories, so I could do it if I wanted to. I have shown this to my parents as well, after all, they told me that I could not do it, and I am very happy now because I realized my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer, and I did it almost from scratch. all this time, what I’ve learned from my family and my own experiences is that ‘something that seems distant and impossible can be close and possible in an instant

keywords: hope, perseverance, self-confidence


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