Why do we consider some science experiments humane and some inhumane? Where does it cross the line? Are all experiments that hurt the environment bad or are they bad because they hurt the environment? Everybody will have different answers to these questions but in the end, the decision is up the those who have the power and the brains to try these experiments. Although as this is my blog, I’ll tell you how I personally feel about the issue.

To put it shortly, it depends on the outcome of the experiment. For example, if the experiment is using atomic missiles to eradicate a nation, even though it can benefit mankind in case of an alien invasion, is inhumane in my opinion due to the fact that the chances of that experiment being useful is so slim that it’s basically non-existent. But, if we take nuclear energy experiments, even though they harm the environment, to my eyes there aren’t enough experiments. Nuclear energy is a source of energy that has a huge exchange rate, meaning you get lots of energy for the price of a single atom and if we keep on experimenting we might even eliminate the harmful waste that damages our planet.

However, there are still experiments that are of great danger to the environment and the people living around. For example oil fracking, which is a technique used in oil production. To do oil fracking you basically push down highly pressurized liquid down a hole you dig in order to hopefully replace the gas inside that hole with your chemical liquid that damages the soil. Due to the fact that the liquid is pressurized, it exerts lots of force to the soil where it touches, which creates little cracks underground that are called fissures. Having these fissures increases the chances of an earthquake and increases the effectiveness of the earthquake. Also if faking isn’t done properly the liquid used in it can leak and cause damage. In my opinion experiments like fracking should not be done since the benefit is little but the damage done is huge.

In conclusion, experiments that benefit everyone greatly and can be improved if there is more experimentation around the topic should sometimes be done in order to benefit mankind. However, if the benefit is little or it benefits a person while damaging the environment should not be allowed due to the fact that those experiments won’t save our lives when there’s an alien invasion or lack of energy.

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