Exposed in Hidden

“A flower is beautiful as long as it is watered” Things remain pretty as long as it has given effort on it, worked on it, the simple requirements provided to it. A flower needs water to grow and be that pleasuring picture in your memories so as humans too. For our roots to grow we need a place where we can feel like ourselves, we need some features, people that make us feel grateful for where we are. For our stem to rise we should be able to create the self-esteem where the feeling of being sufficient for yourself represents. For our leaves to bring dear nutrients to us we need the things that make us feel alive doing it. Lastly, for our nice and gentle petals, we need the purpose of our great lives. Many flowers may not be able to form the patels for a long time. However, the process just lets the petals get bigger and brighter that would even shock the flower itself too.

“Birds are cute as long as they can sing” Some certain characteristics are what make you. It does not have to be your writing or the way you have a good voice. This can also mean the way you take people into consideration, how your laughing sounds a little bit higher when you are not faking it, how you cannot put your hands in the place when you are so excited about an event you will take part of. On the other hand, this line also makes me question if it for “you are worth to be considered as valuable as long as you have the qualities” To illustrate; how you add to the society so that you will be considered to be a citizen, how well you can do in your tests so that the tag “successful” or “noteworthy” will be put on you.

“And a baby is a baby as long as it cries” Human beings are themselves as long as they have the flaws in them. The way you were able to get up when you first fell on your knees even though you cried and were scared to fall again. The way you miserably failed to be a good friend for someone you cared about but knew how to learn from your mistakes and start a new chapter with another one. All these things labeled as “flaws, like a baby crying with the sudden pain in their lungs right after getting born, make us feel that we are alive, that we are learning from it. All the actions we take and present are ways of maturing in this universe where we all are sinful creatures trying to make our lives a bit more meaningful by doing these.

“And you know as much as you learn, so learn that too…” Every little piece of information or experience makes us realize how knowledge in this life is infinite. You only knew all plants were called flowers till you learned about the names lily, rose, lilac, and a lot more. You thought you were the only person struggling with all of the things that happened while others were too. Knowledge does not always have to be scientific. Being aware of you are not the only person on this whole planet, others have many different ideas from yours, everyone having issues is knowledge too which are so valuable to be recognized.

“You are loved as much as you love” Finally, especially for this intense feeling you get what you give. It can sound interesting but the affection you want and can give to people can be felt by the person in front of you. The sincerity, warmth, comfort, feeling of being understood or valued. These all are good examples. Believe it or not but you will be able to treasure these feelings as long as you can give them. Since you would know how valuable being understood is, you would be glad to see someone’s grateful smile they put on when they are happy with getting taken into consideration from you.

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