Extraordinary and Ordinary

It is a subject that has been discussed by philosophers for centuries and will be talked about in the future of human history. In fact, when we hear the question, the answer may seem quite simple, even insanely defensible. But this is a question that has been thought about and also researched, which will create hundreds of views and create incessant obscurities. Is human nature good or bad?

Will is an inner energy that comes from our essence. This energy is a force that sustains life, society, and injustice. The uncontrolled development of the will breed suffering and evil because will means demanding more. I think human nature is evil. “Man is inherently selfish, torturing others for his own pleasure” just as Arthur Schopenhauer said. People don’t care about the damage they cause and they always want more. Even if a person lives in a good society, in a good family, there is selfishness in him. He sees himself as superior to others, and may even think that he is different from others. The philosophy of the book “Crime and Punishment” is an example that supports this. In the book, the main character Raskolnikov divides people into “extraordinary” and “ordinary”. Ordinary people live as docile and are obedient people who have no right to break the law. However, when talking about extraordinary people, it is said that they can find the right to overcome some obstacles and laws, if necessary, in order to realize one’s ideal. Although the main character is a former law student and could become a lawyer if he could finish his school, he would be able to provide justice, but he kills a moneylender woman who does not benefit society and whose death he thinks will benefit all humanity. He sees himself as an “extraordinary” person who will break the law and get justice in his own way. Before long, Raskolnikov realizes that he does not have the right to kill the moneylender and he begins to lose his sanity day by day. In fact, Raskolnikov regrets his actions because he is not an extraordinary person. If we look at this case, we can say that no matter how well a person is brought up (even if he is a law student), there is always evil in him.

In my opinion, in this world where there is more evil than good, it cannot be said that human beings are good by nature. Even if a person behaves well towards the outside, he is created with an evil which makes him not open to anyone, maybe even to himself, and he lives like that.

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