Eyes on the World

The first thing necessary for the establishment of a state is the “human community”. The human community actually means people who come together. A state cannot be established without people. The human community is the human element of the state.

It is not possible for a single person to establish a state alone. Therefore, more than one person is needed for the hu of a state. But at least how many people are needed to establish a state? It is impossible to give a full answer to this question. On the one hand, there are small states such as Andorra, Saint-Marin, Kiribati, Nauru Tuvalu with a population of ten to fifteen thousand, and on the other hand, states such as China and India with a population of hundreds of millions. The important thing is that a certain group of people dominate a certain piece of land. If a community of ten thousand people has become sovereign over a certain piece of land and is able to maintain its dominance, there is a state. But if a community of 10 million people cannot dominate over a certain piece of land, they cannot form a state.

If there was no state or sovereign powers at the head of the people, all people would act independently. There was neither equality, respect nor justice in the middle. Although it is a reasonable view that an environment in which there is no guarantee of the state and the law will cause turmoil and conflict, this view needs to be grounded in order to be more than an assumption. Because how can people act if they don’t know the rules and laws or something they need to know about any environment? If people had lived directly with the life they live in nature, we would not have made this much progress. We couldn’t even use our minds properly, let alone make progress. In the state of nature, humans do not need language either. So people can live alone.

I think we need states or sovereign powers since there will be a lot of turmoil and wars in the world if no one is in charge. As a result, it tries to keep people in order, for good or bad, and to identify their needs and provide support. The most important thing is the unity between people. Because the feature that makes a state a state is unity and togetherness.

In short, it is extremely important for the human community, which is an element of the state, to have the quality of a nation and to preserve this quality over time. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the concept of “nation”.

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