Face Behind The Mask

I’m sure most of us became upset,maybe hid ourselves because we were afraid of people will make fun of us.

This brings us to a question: why? Why do we allow people to drop our mood? Why do we limit ourselves and cannot show our true self to other people just because we think they will judge us?  I think life is too short to tolerate people who bring us down and make us feel bad.

In today’s world lots of people are struggling to keep up with changing society therefore feel depressed and blame themselves. But the thing is there are 7.5 billion people living in this world and not everybody the same. We are not thinking the same way, we are not feeling the same way. I am me,you are you and they are they.  Our point of views are different to life, something may look cool to someone while I may think it’s cringe. According to scientists number of social anxiety disorder issues are increasing. Let’s think about the factors that cause this. I have an example two years ago I had a friend of mine who was beautiful and had amazing drawing skills. She used to draw all the time at school, she was a shy girl and had no friends at all. So I decided to become friends with her. After chatting I found out that she was actually very funny and warm person. We got closer and we started to meet outside the school too. But one day a group of girls who were popular at school made fun of her drawings and her appearance. Even though I tried to protect her she did something that totally shocked me. She had a big notebook where she was sketching her drawings. She took that and she teared it than threw it into the trash bin. Later she dyed her hair,started to dress like the girls made fun of her and her grades went down. We weren’t even talking anymore!

I couldn’t understand why she behaved like that but now I totally know. She was afraid of being different. She was afraid to be left out. She was afraid that other people will make fun of her. So she chose the easy way and hid herself behind a mask. She didn’t have to do that,because I was already her friend and accepted her just the way she was. And I’m sure she would make friends except me if she just had been herself.

She would have just listen and not care those girls. But she tolerated and tried to fit in their standards. Do you remember in the beginning I said everyone’s different and we can think different of one thing. Those girls were coming so artificial and unsuccessful to me. But if you go and ask them they were thinking they are cool. That’s the thing I’m trying to say.We are different and cannot change people. They will keep behaving like that,because that’s their standard. Therefore we shouldn’t tolerate people make us feel insecure of ourselves. Rather we should focus to our good properties and accept ourselves just the way we are. No one is perfect, everyone’s standards are different. So we shouldn’t try to fit in other’s standards just to be loved of people who actually love the mask. We should create our own standards, focus on ourselves and people who love the face behind that mask.

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