Facilitative or Perilous

Have you ever realized that as technology develops, our lives get easier? We can communicate with each other in a fast and simple way. Also we can gather the information we want with one click. However, do technology really facilitates our lives?

In our wallets, we carry a lot of cards which have information about us. For instance, credit cards, business cards, identity cards, driving license and also some cards which have our health information in it. Recently, these cards have been combined into one card. This card includes every information we may need. Think about it: you go to a hospital. You get your identity card with you but you need your credit card too. At this time, you may not get the exact treatment. Or in another example, you are driving your car to your job, the police stops you and wants your driving license. You realize that you get your ID card but you have forgotten your driving license. Don’t you think in such cases, having one combined card would be useful?


On the other hand, sometimes having just one card which includes all the information can be perilous. It may cause many vulnerabilities. As an illustration, some people may steal your card and withdraw your money from the banks. Furthermore, if someone gets your card, they may use it in illegal businesses like crimes, terrorism, burglary, vandalism, etc. Also, this information may be used by bullies. In digital media, children are being bullied by some people who have their information. For physical bullying, physical power is needed. But it is enough to have the information of the person for cyber bullying.

In these cases, although collecting all information in a single card makes our business easier, at the same time all information will be easier to be obtained by others. To prevent this, we need to learn how to protect information while facilitating our lives. The best way to solve this is to raise awareness of the community on this situation. In order to solve this problem, information and education should be given by the help of internet and media.





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