Factors Behind Success

We face many problems and responsibilities in our daily lives, and we need a certain success in order to get through these situations positively. We can say that for an individual to succeed, he needs an average level of intelligence, talent, perseverance in working and motivation. And is it really like that?

Whichever person wants success, that person should definitely make the necessary efforts related to that issue. It is not possible for any success obtained from the study to be permanent. But it is an important issue how this work should also be done. It is not enough just to work to be successful; setting the right strategies, taking the right steps at the right time, analyzing the current situations very well are also important factors on the way to success. The more work a person does, the more he can come anywhere he wants, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how much he hopes for the goal to be achieved. This situation may take a little while, but it may finally achieve its goal. As Thomas Edison put it, “It takes three things to achieve something worthwhile: hard work, stability, common sense.”

Intelligence, on the other hand, is our biggest feature that distinguishes us from other living things, and it varies in every person. We can never tell if one person is smarter than another person. Intelligence is a privilege for every person. Because it is the most valuable and most powerful factor of a person on the way to success. Intelligence does not lead us to success if it is alone. Therefore, the fact that intelligence is alone does not make it easier for us -even if it is not always – but it can make it more difficult. To give an example from our daily life as follows; Let’s assume that work and intelligence are gasoline. Without gasoline, you can’t start the car no matter how hard you try, or let’s think about the mines in nature. And let’s match the intelligence with the purity of the mines. Just as the purity of the found mine increases its value, the superiority of intelligence increases a person’s chances of success.

I think that working to be successful is a more prominent feature. It is impossible to get by without studying. Great works, projects are always the product of intensive work. Looking around us, we witness that significant achievements have been made by working day and night without saying, working tirelessly, staying awake, making sacrifices from social life. At the same time, of course, we see people who come to places without working and without working, but the successes of these people are short-term, as if they are a flame of straw. When we examine successful countries, we see that almost all of them have a very serious working discipline. An example of this is when everyone who has the opportunity to work with the Germans talks about their working discipline, punctuality and how efficient they are.

In general, the foundations of success are formed thanks to our intelligence and our work. But even if our intelligence is not strong, we can achieve any kind of success if we work diligently.

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