Factors to take in account when creating a working team…


‘points to consider when creating your team in work during recruitment process…’

It is very important to be able to select the right type of workers at your job, of course if u have such an opportunity to do so.

There is a famous saying which I don’t clearly remember who said it but it states that you are the average of people that are closest to you, this can lead to the point that if you have people that are not willing to put much effort into their work, even if you are hardworking you will not be able to keep it up at all times. This is because human beings by nature can adapt easily to their environment, and vice versa if you need to get better maybe you need to work with people who are more improved in the area. A very vital point is that, if possible, work people you know the most as you will be able to predict what they are or aren’t capable of doing. As the people working in the team know each other well their adaptation process will take a shorter time. Team members will feel more comfortable in their working area, and this can make coordination much easier. If you are not able to select your working mates from people who you are familiar with or people who you know well, which is very possible as we may not always have our friends working with us, then rather than only checking for the required skilled workers also check for who wants it the most. Recently a famous actor in my country came to visit our school and he gave us a talk about the unforgettable moments in his life and talked about his first job he applied to. At the application day there were around 2,000 people, the job provider there or simply the boss shortly said that everyone who is here will get their salaries if they really want the work which confused a lot of people, but he did keep his promise. He mentioned that every next day people come here the number of appliers that still want it will decrease everyday by half and at the end the people who are left will get their jobs and apparently whatever he said happened and our actor was left and started his first job this way.

What he wanted to conclude from this was that their boss wanted to work with people who wanted to work the most rather than the most skilled appliers as he believed that if someone wants it the most, he will be the most successful at his\her sector area. The most eliminative factor is the difference of who wants it the most and this is directly proportional with who will perform the best at what they are doing.

Necdet Ata Tuzun

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