Faded Path

There was this little cabin in the woods where the civilization hasn’t stepped in yet. And a girl who was aware of the beauty presented by the world she is in. She followed the scent freedom spreads through out the woods. The woods that were surrounded with evergreen trees, daffodils and the sweet melodies of various birds. She was taught to be the most courages little girl by her mother.

Her mother was the one that gifted her the unique way of living your life to the fullest, experiencing every bit of it. She grew up with the stories of rebellious women who break the solid perceptions towards what women can do. They were living in their little cabin which they have put together from scratch. Every step into the cottage speaks through her soul, like the wood pieces that the house was made from were waiting to be listened. The cottage had walls which were there to let us observe perfect imperfections that comes with it, each fault that a human eye can spot with a simple look around the walls was there to remind the unforgettable memories behind it. The cabin was built onto the strong foundations of a healthy mother – daughter relationship. I suppose that was the thing that made it so special.

They were spending their time wandering around the woods, building stuff, painting with the natural supplies the nature gives, laughing and go after the thing they believe in. The mother was the only real friend the little girl ever had except the animals she would interact with. However, the things were about the change in a real short time period. All of a sudden, the mother fell sick. She sensed what was about to happen afterwards and she knew that her little girl was not ready to face with her one and only friend’s death in such a unexpected way. She needed to come up with a solution real quick the days left for her were to be remained uncertain. She moved fast and started with the lessons which were essential for the little girl to learn. The little girl was not mature enough to grab the information that was presented to her in a serious manner. Her mother chose a different way of teaching than usual. She transformed the duties into little games to play with her.

The mother spend her last few days with her beloved daughter.When she knew that her time had come she told her little girl play the games she taught her every single day and enjoy the life she was gifted with. She kissed her goodbye and followed the sharp path into the deep dark side of the woods till the lines that create the path slowly faded with each step she took towards the end.

Our little girl kept her belief of her mother coming back to drown her in kisses alive. She dreamed each and every night about waking up with her mother’s arms wrapped around her. Waited for the moment she would see her mom one more time patiently. She even played all the games her mother asked her to play nonstop. Then she came to the realization that her mother was gone to never come again. She closed her eyes with the disbelief towards the harsh reality she was obligated to face with for the first time.

That night was the night that she got woken up from her dream with a loud noise that was clearly created by an animal. As the courages girl she was taught to be she decided to approach towards the sound that was coming from outside. Clearly she never got forced into face with danger for once.

When she stepped outside she made an eye contact with an animal which had huge horns double the size of its body. It was a lost deer which got its horns trapped into the laundry line. An unexpected guest, that couldn’t be a coincidence it should have been a sign from the universe. A deer that is forced to deal with the irritating uneasiness of solitude. She slowly tip toed towards the deer and set it free. The deer didn’t even turned back and raced with the wind.

That unexpected guest made me realize how trapped I was within the good memories of my mother and how I am left with the battle between my body trying to survive and my mind trying to bury me underneath the grief of my dearest mother. So I set myself free…

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