Fair Hours For All Workers

Work hours and how hard people should work have been a controversial topic ever since the Industrial Revolution. Today, our lives revolve around going to work or going to school. Since everyone has to go to work to get money in order to survive, and everyone has to go to school because they need to work, workers and students address the length of work or school hours.

At first, glance, having to work for fewer hours might look like a very positive thing. Having more time to spend with your family and friends would lead to a more enjoyable life. The attributes don’t end there as people would be more motivated to do their job better, as they work for fewer hours.

Despite these pros, there are also some cons. Some crucial events may not be resolved such as a sudden illness outside of work hours as fewer products and services would be available at certain times. Working less also would influence wages and plans. Also, the work hours around the world wouldn’t be equal, so the international economy would favor more working countries, as they produce more.

So, people have offered to set a certain amount of time that a worker has to work. While people in Japan work for almost 80 hours, people in Finland works for around 40. This doesn’t seem fair for the workers, as some of them can spend more time for themselves rather than working. But setting a certain time limit isn’t possible as certain jobs require more work hours to reach the expectations. An office worker may be able to finish their work in a short time while a waiter has to be around for the duration of the restaurant being open, which is usually a long time. Also, every individual has their capacities while working so the time they finish all of their work may vary. Because of these reasons setting a certain minimum or maximum time limit all around the world seems unlikely, although possible if done separately for each job.

For example, office workers can work for fewer hours than doctors, but be paid less. But if workers have to put a super long amount of hours into their work, more workers to help them may be hired or they may be allowed to retire earlier.

In conclusion, setting a certain amount of time for people to work around the world seems impossible, but with some adjustments, a system that is fair for everyone can be implemented. People that work more can receive more wages or get assistants or colleagues to allow them to finish their work in a shorter time.


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