It is strange that everyone has different wishes for the new year. Money,  happiness,  love,  health… Everyone gets into a different mood and expects good things when the new year comes. But I don’t think anyone expected good things this year. What’s the reason? The answer is economy.

Like everyone has expectations, I also have expectations for this year. I quit basketball 2 years ago due to injuries, I’m going back to the field this year. My goal is to sign a good contract with a nice team in a few years. I started to be better at my lessons, things are going well, it will get better.

What about the economy? While I am trying to make all these plans, the rulers are destroying my country. They are taking away their future from young people. The things we want to do now seem like a dream. We must do everything we can so that this situation does not continue in this way, we must educate ourselves. Only in this way can we save our country. I will make all my dreams come true. I will do whatever it takes for them and I will have a good future.


I wish you a good economy, a new administration and a fair country in the new year. If these things come true, the dreams of young people can turn from dreams into reality. This is what I want most.

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