Fairly Unfair

“A moral system valid for all is basically immoral.” says Nietzsche. Today’s society works around a set of rules that we label as “morals”. The fairness of these rules, however, are quite doubtful. It is most certainly impossible to turn the world we currently live into a one where every single person is equal. As long as humanity exists, so will the inequality, and people have no choice but to find a way to survive and adapt into this system.

Labels stand for a way of identifying people around us, it is a form of prejudice that causes extreme discrimination. Perceiving different members of a certain race, religion, culture etc. as different is the main reason why our society is so divided today.If I were to state my opinion, labels are just excuses made up by the upper class of people just so they could resonate with their behaviors and prejudice against a specific group. It is impossible to be entirely good to everyone or entirely bad to everyone, therefore, certain names should not stuck with people for the rest of their lives.

Some people are not given the right to live freely in this world. These people are the ones considered unlucky, the ones we feel bad for. People who struggle with money, to set an example. Some have children to feed, some are just trying to make enough money to buy themselves a new coat for winter. Everyone’s heart “aches” when we see such people, even though, not a single one of us sees it as our own responsibility to help them. They are being told to find a job, but for that they are supposed to look neat and experience, which many cannot afford. It is as if they are stuck in some loop that they will never get to escape. There are hundreds and thousands of examples of people who has to wake up every single day to live the same despair, feel the same helplessness of being stuck in such situation.

It could be argued that stealing to survive, to help others survive is a crime or not. However it cannot be denied that when one does such thing, it is out of pure instinct to stay alive. What makes a crime might be the action, but what makes things morally wrong is the intention. Committing crimes to help a child does make you a criminal, however it does not make you an evil person. Sometimes, the outcome is much more important than the process.

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