Fairy Festival

If I would organize a festival I would name it ”Fairy Festival”. Basically purpose of this festival is teach people to be kind and generous. In this festival people are giving each other flowers and hand made stuff like bracelets or neckleces. I identify fairys as kindness and flowers, thats why I chose such a name. It’s been proved that, even one persons comment can effect another persons whole mood.  That’s why I belive that, this festival can make people feel a little more better mentally. Plus hand made presents can be more meaningful, than the presents that purchased. The festival will begin with a greeting ceremony. Everyone will greet and get to know each other a little. After the ceremony ends everyone will go to pick some flowers with groups for hours and spend their day in the forest danceing and singing. When the sun starts to set everyone will come near a huge fire and again dance, sing, make flower crowns ect. Then everyone will start to give the wonderful flowers that they picked or things that they made. There’ll be some time that they’ll have fun and create wonderful memories.  After they gave their presents every person who attended to the festival, will share their best memory or best day of their life.

The festival will be near the sea, so while they’re telling their storys everyone can chill and relax while listening a good memory.  After all of that, they will eat the food that’s been prepared for them, much as they want. Then they’ll dance while listening their favorite songs. They can open every song they like to open and have a lot of fun with their friends. This festival mostly based on danceing and giveing present so everyone will be exhausted before they go home. After danceing and getting tired they’ll do the last step of the festival; buriying a loved furniture. Purpose of this is, keeping the memory of that furniture forever. At midnight the fire will be extinguished. I think that this festival will help people to spend fun time and , learn to appreciate each other.

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