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Fashion Dream

FASHION Magazine


If I had a large capital, the sector I would be fashion. And I would take a step in fashion. Because one of the things I enjoy most in life is to imagine my own things and design them

Since this dream of mine would take a little more time, I would go straight to work. Of course, one of the most important and difficult parts of this job will be to improve my foreign language. After a long break, I would get ready to go to the country I want after everything was taken care of. I used to live but I would be stressed and excited because I would have a new life. On how to do my designs, I would come up with a new design with the help of my teachers and famous designers. In this adventure I started, my friends would always be with me, so it is more important for me to design something together. and it would be meaningful. In this adventure I started, my friends would definitely be with me, so it would be more important and meaningful for me to design something together for them. One of the most important reasons why I want to be a designer is that I feel special and good when I'm dressed nicely, if I don't like my own combination or something else. If I don't feel comfortable, I believe that my day will be either bad or stressful. To be a pioneer in this sector, it would be to make agreements with famous models and put them on fashion shows, but I don't have any effort to be a famous designer, of course, I would love to be, but even if I have a small shop, I would be proud of myself for making my dream come true. 

As I said, one of my biggest dreams in this life is to be a fashion designer, and while I have so many opportunities in my real life, I will not let these opportunities go to waste and I believe that I will do my best.

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