Fate’s Paradox

Rin Atsura, Grandmaster of the ninja clan named “Lesamurai”. A normal thursday morning, him and his son were out in the woods, they were roaming to find a big animal to kill and talking about everything they have in their mind. After a while, they found a great open place to sit back and relax a bit. They were silent for almost 5 minutes, after that something caught Rin’s eye. A scorpion, trying to make it out from a swarm of ant attack.

He observed the scorpion as it tried to fight all of those ants back. It made him smile for a bit. While he was looking at the scorpion, his son, Satoshi was just laying down and looking into the sky. His father yelled with calling his name: “Satoshi, get over here!”. Satoshi quickly ran and turned to his father, Rin: “Hey dad, is there a problem?” he asked. Rin pointed the scorpion with his index finger and said: “Life is cruel Satoshi, it doesn’t care where you’re from, what god you pray to. So you must face it head on.”, “See the scorpion?” he continued. As Satoshi observed, Rin realized that Satoshi didn’t understood a thing. After taking a quick look at his sons face, he continued to explain what he wanted his son to understand: “No matter how many enemies, it continues on fighting. It is strong, yes and its fast. But do you know why the scorpion is feared?” Satoshi nodded his head in a negative way while looking at the scorpion. “It’s will.” his father said. “Will power is what makes your destiny your own, learn to be strong here and here.” he said while pointing his sons heart and brain. While Rin was smiling his son promised him to never forget it. They started to walk to their home. Rin said that if they don’t make it before dusk his mother would be sad, so they started to walk faster.

As they started to approach to the “Lesamurai’s place”, he realized that it was all quiet. Something they are not used to, he opened his house’s door and stared for 15 minutes straight. While he was staring, his son Satoshi ran into other houses to get help. His neighbors ran as fast as they could to Rin’s place. His wife, Harumi was killed by someone. Rin closed the door immediately and didn’t let others see what was inside. Each one asked the same questions, “What’s going on?”, “What happened?”. He always answered the same: “I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door.” Rin said in a crying voice. His eyes were teary as he tried to speak furthermore. Satoshi was crying as he saw his father in that mood. As Rin was getting his head straight every hour, he was planning to find out who did this to his wife. He told others except his son, his neighbors didn’t let Satoshi know what happened in there. After a week, his dad said goodbye to everyone as he left to get his revenge. He got caught by his enemy clan’s minions and killed by the other clan’s Grandmaster, Kuai Liang. After he died, he woke up to that normal thursday morning. As the day continued, he didn’t realize what really happened and what was going to happen.

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