Favorite Time of the Year

The last lesson of the school year. It feels like it got to the end fast. I’m getting ready to leave the class and go home while packing my back.I arrive home, everyone’s preparing their suitcase, my mom gives me my swimsuit to put in mine. Seems like the whole family is ready for the vacation. I close my eyes as time passes and night occurs.

I open my eyes. We are on the road. I hear birds chirping in the bright sky and the morning glory. I look at the car driving behind us and greet my best friend’s car. We are going to our summer house like most summers.

We arrive at the house, we quickly take the suitcases in while hearing the music from the waterpark and people’s noises from the street or beach.

We are ready, on the road to the beach. We greet our friends at the beach volley and take a sunbed. While we put on some sunscreen we lay down and tan a little before we throw ourselves to the sea.We spend two amazing weeks full of swimming, going to nice dinners, having picnics, and having fun. Then I close my eyes.

When I open my eyes this time, we are in London with my friends. I’m taking morning classes in the school there, and after that having trips and fun until night. We go around all London while shopping and seeing all we can see. After another two weeks I say goodbye to my friends I met there and close my eyes.

This time we are on the road to Bodrum with my family. Everyone’s enjoying the trip and summer, we put on some good music in the car while saying hello to Bodrum beaches.

We got to the hotel, we place our stuff in the room, and we go straight to the pool, we swim until we can’t anymore and let ourselves tan near the pool. It becomes dark while we are going to a pretty dinner with our colorful summer clothes after a nice shower and time passes.

Just like this, summer goes on. Me and my family are having fun while enjoying the sunny weather and time without school and work.

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