We all raised with the idea of  “What would they think?”, “What would they say?”. And It’s substantially effects our choices, attitudes, our appearance, even our opinions. That happens because we live In a world which Is prejudges and judges people so easily. People can’t be whoever they want to be or whoever they are, so many people try to fit In a beauty standard which Is made by society.  

But It’s not healthy, people should love themselves  with their every trait. If they are overweight, If they are slim, If they are gay, If they are straight, If they are transgender, If they are black, If they are white… It shouldn’t be matter. We MUST stop judging people and teach society not to judge. We should support each other. There is so many people who give up on their dreams because of fear of being judged. A lot of men don’t work as a fashion designer or dancer or so many women don’t work as a construction worker. Because majority of the society think It’s not proper. It is not always bad to  criticize or judge things but when its start to became something that hurt someones feelings than it is not okay. No one has to obey the rules that made by bunch of peoples opinions. People have their own liberty and they should be able to do what they want. In population so many people have social anxiety. It is the state of feeling extremely insecure in public areas, experiencing intense anxiety accompanied by the thoughts of being ridiculed, rejected and judged by others. In social social situations, there is a distinct and persistent fear when an action is required. People with a diagnosis of social phobia at the same time called social anxiety disorder try to avoid this situations as much as possible. This is an evidence of that so many people get traumatize of being judge by other people.  

I2m called out to people which is this article if you want a peaceful life for yourself, your family and friends, stop being prejudging, show respect to your surroundings. 

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