Fear or Euphoria?

I felt blood rushing through my veins, while I was banging my head to some fire music. The song was “Chop Suey!” by the group system of a down. The song’s rhythm changed so fast I couldn’t hold myself. I started jumping and running around. “Sir, are you okay?” I looked around and noticed that I had aciddently tripped and fell. But for some reason I hadn’t gotten up and was dancing while laying on the ground. Huh, weird I thought. Anyway I got up, I took a glance at my watch. It was time to go, the event was about to start. I took a cab to the place. The guy there asked me, “Who sent you an invitation?” “ I am actually the host”. He laughed, it wasn’t a joke. It was the company’s celebration party, and well I am the CEO. I felt bad for his family because he had just lost a job. 

I got in looking all nice. I was just about to enter the room where all the guests were seated. I took a deep breath, pulled my hair back and opened the door. There were many claps and I mean it. There was so much sound at one point I had to close my ears. You may call that a disrespectful move. Well, I am the boss. I can do as I please. As I went towards the microphone I remembered that I forgot to pee, man that feeling is really bad. I started “ First of all I love you, second of all I am drunk”. People laughed. I didn’t think it was funny, it was the truth. “ Okay, I am going to keep it short. We are earning much more than ever, and I am pretty sure that we feel goddamn better!” The crowd went crazy. It was like a moment from the movie “Planet of the Apes”, I couldn’t remember which scene exactly. I dropped the mic and left the place in a hurry. The real event was waiting for me. I had booked another place where I invited only the most elite to celebrate. I didn’t get in a cab this time, instead I chose to ride a limousine. I could see the spot from a kilometre away. The building was humongous. I got in with style. I took the podium to give my speech, accompanied by applause. I was just about to start talking when I saw him in the crowd. No, it couldn’t  be. How is he alive? I froze like a witch did a spell to me. I felt the ground shaking, birds stopped to see what was happening. Even breathing felt painful. I sprinted out. Pushed all of the doors, got into my car. And immediately started driving.

He eventually caught me in my house, while I was packing up to leave the country. It’s funny how a simple decision changes everything. In my last moments I closed my eyes and let it all loose. “You shouldn’t have borrowed money from me Ethan.” I responded to him “Well what can I do sometimes?” Then bang he shot me…

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