Feeling Lonely

Loneliness is the feeling some might describe as the worst thing to feel. Some might say no one getting you is the real loneliness or some people might even compare it to a garden with only a tree in it. The exact definition of loneliness is: “sadness because one has no friends or company”.

Just like many human emotions, the lexical meaning of the word “loneliness” is not really enough to describe the emotion itself. People tend to go through the same emotions without feeling exactly the same. Therefore, the feeling of loneliness might as well vary from person to person. Nevertheless, loneliness is not really likely to be described as a positive way of feeling.

There is more than one way a person can feel lonely: Some feel lonely even they are covered with people and some experience loneliness when they actually have no one around. Even though it is debatable and a matter of opinion, I personally believe that feeling lonely when you actually have people around you is one of the worst feelings someone can experience. Feeling like no one gets you, not being able to talk to anybody although there are people that would listen to you, fear of intimacy and just not having enough people to care about you might be reasons to feel lonely.

Some people like being alone most of the time however feeling lonely and being alone are not the same thing. Knowing you are covered in people that care about you and you can talk to them anytime you need is the thing that stops you from feeling lonely. Isolating yourself from people just physically for a while to be alone might help a lot of people to concentrate on themselves while isolating yourself emotionally or just feeling like you have to might damage you a lot psychologically. Loneliness can affect some people so deeply that it can have a huge impact on their future negatively.

One of the most common forms of loneliness in teens is the feeling of others not getting how you feel. Even some adults might feel the same way too. Some people are not really in a great place psychologically so they choose to isolate themselves emotionally from the people around them only for it to affect their psychology more negatively. Some people just fear the intimacy they have to go through while letting someone in their lives. Another example can be that people just have a hard time communicating so they don’t have anyone to talk to at the end.

To conclude; even though loneliness can have various reasons from person to person, in the end, it tends to affect people negatively. So, no matter the reason loneliness can be considered as one of the worst feelings since it has huge impacts on people’s lives.

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