Once upon a time Farhad, who loves Shirin, who lives in Amasya, would go to Shirin every day because of his love and ask if we should go out and walk around. One day, Farhad and his family went to ask for Shirin’s sister, but Sultan Mehmene Banu did not want to give Shirin. Farhad was very upset. Sirin’s sister Sultan Mehmene Banu said, ‘I have one condition, if you can bring water to the city, I will give you Shirin. But there was a problem, the water is in a distant place called Şahinkayası. Of course, without wasting a second, Farhad immediately went to the place called Şahinkayası. He took the sledgehammer and began to break the stones. But Shirin’s sister Sultan Mehmene Banu was making a plan. She would send a witch to Farhad and say that Shirin is dead. And Mehmene had sent a witch to Banu Farhad. Farhad said that Shirin was dead and Ferhat was very upset, so he threw his crowvar into the air and the crowbar he threw fell on his head. Ferhat died because of the crowbar that fell on his head. When Shirin saw Farhad ‘s lifeless body on the rocks, jumped next to him and they died together. And the water reached the village through the tunnel opened by Farhad.


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