Fight For Your Fairytale

Forgetting relieves pain, makes the day and even life bearable! In fact, chaos in the country arises from our unrest. I wish our brains were just like a computer. Let’s just decontaminate it every once in a while and forget about everything. Sometimes it is necessary to clear the past. To forgive the mistakes made, to adapt to life and to learn from the mistakes and adapt them to life. And sometimes they say, “I mustn’t forget!” everything we say is suddenly deleted. Just like accidentally deleted files on the computer. Do we want to fill our lives with good ki instead of bad ones? Moving forward into the future with the consciousness of transition?

The ‘Vortex’ that we call the past always manages to pull us into it, no matter how much we run away from it. No matter how much we want to forget, we can’t forget anything with the reverse command. Actually it is true. Moving forward into the future with what happened in the past. Sometimes some bad memories are forgotten, but the remaining feelings such as ’Regret‘, ’Anger‘ or ’Hatred” remain.  However, it is important how our past affects our present and how it keeps us afloat. The deep feelings that our memories have left in us actually build up the window through which we look at life today.

Every moment we try to forget comes back to us. It can be a familiar voice from the past, a photo or even an item. Perhaps these tiny but meaningful clues that come many years later will lead us to face our past again. What we don’t want to remember suddenly comes to life in our eyes.

It doesn’t matter if the traces or gaps left by the past in our brains and hearts are good, bad, bitter or sweet feelings. It remains our past no matter what. No matter what happened in the past, the things we’re worried about won’t change what happens tomorrow. Not being able to admit mistakes and trying to forget them is not a good defense tool. Despite everything, thinking constructively and positively is easily reflected in our attitude to life. We have to think of good things. Just as Miguel Hernandez said in a poem, ‘Everything comes and goes, but we have to keep going.’ Being able to overcome the past is actually a way of maturation

We must be like liquid substances against our past. We should take the shape of the container we are in and try to get something from the past. Instead of trying to erase the past in a vulnerable way, redrawing the present is the most useful solution. Trying to erase what happened in the past from our brain as soon as possible actually damages the entire body. Just like those meaningless files that we tried to delete by force on our computers and were never deleted.

It is very tiring and difficult to forget the past. Now it may seem difficult to learn from the past, but then we will jul clear places in our brains and hearts for more beautiful memories. All feelings belong to us. We live what we think, we feel what we live. Everything that happens between the past and the future actually becomes a ‘Decadence of Souls’. If we try to cover up the past and forget about it, we have a much better chance of repeating the mistakes made. If we are afraid to look back today and run away, our brains will remain full for life. That is why nothing that we want to fit in our hearts fits neither in our hearts nor in our brains.

‘Those who do not remember the past are destined to repeat the past.”George Santayana, who said that in this sentence he actually stated exactly the things that are necessary for us. The past already gives us the present. Are the many problems we are experiencing and facing right now related to the past? Or is it about the present that we are trying to cover up the past?


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