Fight With My Brain

During the exam week, like every student, I was very nervous because I was going to graduate with these exams and there was no turning back. No matter how much support my parents gave, I was not motivated at first, I couldn’t motivate myself. I was watching ridiculous motivational videos on youtube. But I still couldn’t motivate myself, it was time to work until I found something to motivate myself, I was going to work either with pleasure or boredom.


 I studied for a long time, I studied almost every exam for three or four hours, I was sure that I knew everything. On the first day of exam week, his first exam was math. Before I took this exam, my family talked to me about a subject. They said that if you don’t get high in these exams, they will give you a big punishment. When I said what the penalty was, they said they will tell me after the week, it depends on your grades. I think they did this so that I could solve the exams more carefully. Exam week was over, my face was low, most of my exams were bad, I said it would be better to tell my family early. They all pouted at me. While I was sleeping, my parents were arguing while my mother was defending me, and my father wanted to punish me.


 We moved on to next week. I’m slowly starting to hear my grades, I can’t face asking for additional points from the teachers anyway. I’m not very good anyway. I’m getting headaches day by day, it was as if what I thought today would come true tomorrow.It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me, as if the universe was playing tricks on me. When I came home, I was going to my room without saying hello to my mother, I had no face to see my mother, I was ashamed of myself even when talking to the teachers, how can I not be ashamed when talking to my mother. This week has passed with headaches.


 After learning about my notes at the parent meeting, they took my only thing that I enjoy in life, my computer, which I can clear my head with for now. This wouldn’t have destroyed me normally, but now it did. I used to come home and do my homework and distract myself with my friends. Now I was left with only a headache and it would take a long time for this situation to improve, I just retired to my own room and waited…

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