Do you think about nature in these days? If you don’t think about nature in these days, let’s talk about it for a while. As we all know, there is something called global warming. It causes the habitat loss of some animals and also it causes seasons to change. For example, winters started to be warmer and spring is more colder. Because of global warming some animals are endangered now. There is pollution. Air pollution or water pollution are examples. Because of the pollution animals or humans can get harmed. So, why does these problems cause? Is it because of animals, or etc.? Or is it because of humans? In my opinion it is because of humans because pollution can’t happen by itself. There are so many trashes in the sea. What about global warming? If there are no more factories that is bad for environment or if people prefer bus or other public transportation, there can be a better world.


So, what should we do about it? We should use reusable materials; we should use renewable energy sources or there are so many more things that we can do. This is our fight with nature. If we continue to do bad things for nature, then we will win but we will lose our nature. So, let’s be more careful about nature.



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