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Find Yourself

Most students try to be the best in their class, they try, but to me there is no rule in this life that they must be the best.There is no such thing as getting full marks from our courses all the time.

Nowadays, most of our families are necessarily imposing on the lesson. both in mathematics and chemistry, but they don’t know that the era is now the era of art and sports. Our parents sometimes have so many expectations of us that we find ourselves inadequate for the schools we study, but actually it is not so. Now you don’t have to be a doctor or an engineer to have a good financial income, you can also be a painter or a basketball player The only golden rule is to find the branch you feel closest to and do your best in that field.Don’t force yourself to be the first in your class or school, especially if you’re doing it for someone else, it will wear you down and drop you. It will be enough for you to keep your grades at an average level, try to do as much as you can from somewhere, and then no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t happen. At that very moment, look for new areas for yourself, the things that make you you are not lessons, define you in the things you are interested in other than the lesson, define your personality aspects. For example, if you are riding very well, your ability to direct things is strong, or if you are in a team (dancing, football… in such things as ), it shows that you are a team spirit person and that you can take part in a team effort very easily. It’s bad to look at life only through one door, maybe when you open it, you will realize that you are more talented and successful in another door. Let those around you not manage you, but let you manage yourself and develop. I mention you when a real data lecture notes in math creeping ruins, instantly yourself ‘I can’t’ repressed him from his family most of the time a student who says his father always seen himself as a lawyer to become a lawyer but he never resisted because he didn’t want istemil in this life and the lessons it could be bad, but he was doing very good design’s goal is to become a fashion designer student. Apart from design, she was interested in dancing, participated in races and got degrees, was very talented in dancing, knew the team spirit well, and one day she graduated from college and opened a dance studio for herself, and also designed her own team’s clothes.

The reason I gave this example is because there is a talent somewhere in every person that he has achieved very well, and all he has to do is find it and reveal it.What you call a lesson saves you a place at the end of the hand you focus on exploring yourself, of course, without forgetting your lessons


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