People sorting garbage for recycling


     In recent years, the ratio of household wastes that cause environmental pollution has reached significant amounts. We must recycle the household wastes in order to protect the environment so that we can keep the environment cleaner for next generations. Nowadays, there is a new concept named circular economy related with recycling facilities of wastes. Circular economy means earning money from wastes by recycling. We need to decrease the amount of household wastes, and we need to recycle the wastes. Education is very important to teach the importance of waste management and to create awareness on preventing the environmental pollution. Not only educated part of the public, but also all citizens should know the importance of environment.

     Protecting the environment becomes more important while we feel the negative effects of climate change in recent years. The policies of United Nations on combatting climate change and protection of environment have been accepted by nearly all nations. The governments are still making additional regulations in order to protect the environment. Some of the regulations are related with preventing the pollution such as zero waste. For example, consumers shall pay extra money for plastic bags in supermarkets, so usage of plastic bags have been decreased. As a result of this implementation, consumption of plastic bags decreased by 80% and 1.000.000 tons of plastic wastes kept in the source annually. Moreover, governments should make regulations for household waste in order to separate the wastes on sources. There is a regulation for public areas for waste sorting. Waste sorting provides decrease on recycling costs. Separating the batteries or glasses contributes clean environment and provides economical advantage on recycling. Also, we can separate the food waste and compost them for production of fertilizer to use in the gardens. So that we reach the zero-waste target, and we apply circular economy.

     As a result, there are a lot of benefits of imposing limits on household waste by governments, and the governments should expand the limits for a greener future. As people of this world, we need to protect the environment, we need to fight the climate change, and we must keep the world cleaner for next generations.

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