Five Main Professions

The year is 2050 and there are only 5 professions in the world: healer, magician, warrior, normal human and god. Healers, which can be understood from the name, are the ones who heal the injured people and it is not preferred because it is a boring profession, but weak people choose this profession to be safe. Magician is the style you see in movies. Whether it’s close or distant warfare, after all, anything is possible with magic. It is one of the most preferred professions because it is the strongest profession after god, but being a magician is more difficult than other professions because there is a difficult and long training process and not everyone can pass this training process. The warrior is the most used, but nobody prefers this profession. Those who have this profession are those who have failed the witchcraft test and are compelled to become warriors. Very strong people prefer this profession because this profession is all about physical strength. You have to kill your enemies with a sword and shield. Another reason why it is not preferred is that it is very risky because most of the  people that you should kill are superior to you. Of course, there is a certain place to have these professions and you have to go there, but you cannot go there uninvited…

One morning I got up to go to work as a normal person and my childhood dream came to mind: I wanted to have one of these 4 big professions. Unfortunately, not everyone is given this chance. I took my jacket and the car key and left the house, but just as I was about to close the door, it occurred to me that I didn’t have the house key. Anyway, after I got that too, I closed the door and put the key in my pocket. I reached to my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address written on it. It was very early and so I decided to take a look at that address. Well, whose paper was this, who put it in my pocket, I had these  questions in my mind, but I thought that all these questions would be answered when I got there. When I came to the address, there was a house and I rang the bell. As soon as the bell rang, a link address came to my phone. I clicked on the link even though it looked suspicious, and suddenly my phone turned into a portal. The portal teleported me to a room with people like me. It turns out that the people here were candidates for 4 professions.

While choosing the 4 professions, a special tool is used and this tool determines the most suitable profession for you. After hundreds of people, it was my turn and I was very excited. The tool scanned me but failed. The people in charge there said that this meant that I was chosen as a god. Only 2 gods have been chosen so far and I was one of them. Everyone who was there suddenly started giving me special treatment and took me to the other god. I had no clue who the other god was. I opened the door of the room where the god was, and when I saw the god, I froze. This was my  lost father! He had disappeared years ago and I was very happy to see him here. He told me about being goda and our powers. We were the strongest of the 4 professions and our mission was to help good people in their battle with bad people, but we couldn’t fight. We were only allowed to fight if something very unusual happened. A second god had been very good for humans because now we could completely prevent bad humans from entering weak humans’ world.

To do this you need 2 god use their ”Volstandig” power. This can’t be done with only one god. Me and my dad we both used our power at the same time and said: ”Shun Shun Rikka, I agree!” Then a yellow, bright thunder striked in between of us.Right after the thunder a deep voice raised from the sky. It said “You stopped the villians, Good Job!” All of a sudden everyone got teleported to the normal world with no power. Except from me and my dad everyone lost thier mind and started to live like a normal person. But at least I was with my dad and we decided to keep this as a secret.


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