For A Brighter Future

Our planet is having the worst times of its existence. Pollution went off the rails, in oceans creating rubbish islands, in skies creating poisonous fogs, in forests taking up more space than trees. On the other hand, it is fighting global warming which causes drought, melting arctic, winters warmer than ever.

But is there a way to save the Earth? Actually, yes there is. Scientists say that by the year 2050 we might be able to beat climate change if we work on it. Even though there is a small amount of time left, we can cooperate and save this planet for future generations.

As individuals, how can we give a helping hand in this process? By reducing our carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by our actions. If we look on the bright side, even a small change in our routine can influence this development.

  • Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

When buying something, you can consider if it’s reusable. For instance, glass can be used multiple times if cleaned periodically. After using it for some time, like all the others, it will fall into decay. Now it’s time to recycle! You can now throw it into the bottles only or the glass section of a recycle bin. Resultingly, this bottle will be renewed to be sold again. This will create a recycle, reuse, reduce cycle.

Another example can be using things for the long-term. When you’re buying something, you can choose the sturdy one. This way you will reduce your consumption.

Not buying plastic bags every time you go shopping and bringing your reusable bag, using the blank side of a printed paper can be other minimal steps that be taken.


Clipart of the Recycling Bins free image REDUCE | REUSE | RECYCLE | Lomas Office Furniture and Stationery

  • Decreasing use of sources

In our daily lives, we all use sources such as water and electricity. Although electricity is renewable energy, we ought not to waste it. Water is not renewable, therefore we should be careful not to waste it.

You can:

  • switch lights off in the unused rooms
  • close the tap when brushing your teeth
  • use rechargeable batteries
  • shower instead of taking baths
  • wash the dishes in the dishwasher instead of washing them by hand
  • plug out charged devices, unused cables

A bright future for our home, the Earth, is in our hands. Let’s team up! Treat our planet. It has given us wonderful facilities, now it’s our part to save it in return.



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