For Whom the Bell Tolls

There is a popular belief that claims two soulmates are made from the same star. That is why people tend to get emotional when they stare at the sky for too long. All those shiny pieces of rocks, they all have different meanings for different people. Some believe the loved ones they lost are watching them over the stars, some like to romanticize it and some really just see them as rock pieces. I was so sure that I have found the other half of my shining star.

I never thought meeting him would change my life so drastically. It was an ordinary day, in the end. Another day where I was looking for exciting things to take a photo of , creating art with the metal machine in my hand as a photographer. I am telling this from the bottom of my heart, when I first saw him, never in my life I have ever wanted to take a photo of something more. He was not like a model, did not have any extraordinary features. He was just special.

His blonde, silky hair was shining just like the stars. His jaded eyes were trying to tell something as I was being mesmerized by them. From the moment we met, I knew that we would not have a good ending. Sadness was all over him. It was like as if he was carrying the burden of the entire world and yet he was still stronger than me.

I learned things that I never even thought I would have a slightest chance of learning for a lifetime from him. I was taught the genuine, warm feeling of happiness by those splendid eyes so full of emotion, made memories that will make a smile appear at my cheeks when I remember them. I was filled with this emotion of being complete, as I felt like I found my other half.

Despite all, I could not help but think that maybe, he just was not meant to be here. The possibility of having to let go of the person that means the most to me, the person who changed my life in the best way possible and made me felt like I was living in a dream terrified me so much that it cannot be described by words. However when I heard the bells, I knew it was time for him to go. I still remember the pain I felt when I realized it was my last time staring into those glamorous eyes colored by different shades of green as if it was yesterday.

Each person turns into a star after they pass away, they go back to where they have come from. This is why the galaxy is infinitely expanding. They wait for their other half there, just like how it is here. Looking up at the stars now, with the bitter feeling of losing my soulmate, I can feel his presence in this endless galaxy, brightening up the cold and scary space full of mysteries with his light. Just like how he lightened up my world. In another life, I will be waiting for the stardusts again.

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